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Having a property manager in charge of an investment property is a big step in trust. And when you are less than satisfied with the results, it can be hard to know when to stick it out and when to jump ship. Avoid the mistake of staying too long with an unsatisfactory property manager, further affecting your finances and property quality in the long run. Consider these top 5 reasons to change Kailua Kona property management to determine if now is the time to make a change for the better!

You Desire More Services

Some Kona property management companies provide just the basics, which works fine for some property owners who still want to take on many of the responsibilities themselves. However, if you’ve come to realize you would prefer a more hands-off approach, consider switching to a property manager that offers a more complete package deal. Selecting a property management company that successfully markets your property and secures bookings or tenants is only part of the possibilities. Many property management companies offer services that range from the initial selection of a property to purchase to follow-up customer service after your renters have completed their stay. Extras such as assistance with staging and photographing your property to updating it with interior design services are all additional services that many property management companies offer.

Customer Service Is Lacking

A key component to owning a successful vacation rental property is providing an excellent vacation experience for guests, which is then reflected in your property’s online reviews. When the property is misrepresented in the listing and guests do not have the experience they expected, this can reflect negatively on your vacation property. Guests also have certain expectations for customer service when it comes to friendliness and accessibility. Making sure you select a property management company with staff that are accessible 7 days a week is important when it comes to accessibility for guests, in the event that something unexpected arises. If customer service is lacking with your current property manager, negatively affecting the guest experience, it may be time to change property managers. Align yourself with a company that prioritizes guest service, giving guests a great vacation experience, which will also reflect positively on your vacation property.

Unsatisfactory Communication

There are many moving parts to managing a rental property, from managing the booking calendar to staying on top of home maintenance. When property owners put all of these tasks into the care of a property manager, it can be easy to feel out of the loop with what is happening. This is even more the case when partnering with a property management company who performs unsatisfactorily in the area of communication. If you are feeling out of touch with how frequently your vacation rental is getting booked, what kind of maintenance needs to be completed at your rental property, and what things could be done to improve your revenue, your property manager may not be keeping open a clear channel of communication. Many Kona property management companies offer online portals that allow property owners to stay up to date in real time with all of these details, ensuring property owners are always in the know. Good property managers keep an open flow of communication, ensuring you always know exactly how your property is performing!

Lack of Expertise

While every property manager has to start somewhere, you’ll want to be sure to put your rental property under the care of someone who has a deep understanding of property management in your particular area. When it comes to vacation rental management, understanding marketing and price fluctuation are important factors in ensuring you’re getting the highest revenue possible for your vacation rental. For long-term vacation rentals, a property manager who is knowledgeable in keeping low tenant turnover and extending property longevity is key. If your property rental is not as successful as you had hoped, it may be time to switch to a property manager with more expertise in your area.

Increasing or Unexpected Costs

There’s nothing worse than receiving an unexpected bill for maintenance done on your property or to get notified about a sharp increase in management costs. If costs are starting to strain the wallet, it may be time to shop around for a new property manager. Be sure to select a property management company that offers transparent price packaging with no hidden fees or surprise costs.

Kailua Kona Property Management

In search of a property manager for your rental property on the Big Island of Hawaii? Our experienced team at Venture Hawaii Rentals offers management services for a variety of vacation rentals and long-term rentals throughout the island. Offering clear communication and transparent pricing, transitioning to working with our property management team will be seamless. Contact us today to further discuss your property management needs!

In a market that can at times seem flooded with vacation rentals, make the most of your vacation rental by making sure it stands out from the crowd. While size and location are important factors that cannot be changed, at many times simple updates to a property can make a big difference in driving interest. Increase travelers’ interest, satisfaction, and booking frequency by making some of these changes to your Kona vacation rental property and make it stand out from the competition!

Keep the Décor Neutral & Minimal

Neutral colored walls and flooring are the way to go when it comes to setting the stage in a vacation rental. And while it may cater to some travelers to have a strong theme in the décor, keeping things neutral and minimal will consistently appeal to a wider audience. When it comes to selecting furnishings for your vacation rental, choose materials that will clean easily and withstand a high amount of traffic. Even if you are not personally a minimalist, creating uncluttered living areas goes a long way in enlarging the space and setting a restful tone. With clean lines, comfortable furnishings, and an uncluttered space, your guests will feel at ease to make themselves at home.

Update the Kitchen & Bathrooms

Even if guests do not plan on spending a lot of time in the kitchen during their stay, having an updated kitchen and bathroom goes a long way in making the entire vacation rental look fresh and up to date. While entire kitchen and bathroom overhauls can be costly, making at least a few key updates will pay off in the long run. Existing hardwood cabinets can be painted or re-stained to lighten the room, and new appliances will quickly create a space that looks sleek. Making sure the kitchen is fully stocked with all the cookware and dinnerware guests will need during their stay also keeps satisfaction high once they have arrived. In the bathrooms, be sure to include high-quality soaps and nice towels for an elevated feel.

Offer Enjoyable Amenities

More than simply creating a space in which to spend time at the end of the day, a vacation rental owner has the chance to offer a complete lifestyle to guests. While it is certainly a strong selling point to have onsite amenities such as a swimming pool or hot tub, there are some less expensive ways you can add value to your rental with the right amenities. Most Hawaii vacationers are sure to spend plenty of time at the beach, so be sure to provide gear that will make their beach days more easily accessible. Beach chairs, an umbrella, cooler, and sand toys make it easy for families to enjoy their day at the beach without having to buy or rent items. Cater to an active outdoor lifestyle by also including gear such as boogie boards, stand up paddle boards, and soft top surf boards for your guest to enjoy. If your rental is located in a bike-friendly area, guests will be able to envision themselves cruising to the nearby beaches and restaurants on the provided beach cruisers. With the amenities you offer, paint the picture of a fabulous vacation experience!

Keep Your Kona Property Clean & Well-Maintained

There is nothing that puts a damper on a vacation more than guests arriving to a vacation rental that is below standard when it comes to cleanliness. Be sure to stay on top of regular cleanings of your Kona vacation rental, following all of the latest guidelines when it comes to best practices. In addition to regular thorough cleanings between bookings, scheduling deep cleans at regular intervals also keeps the property in tip-top shape. Be proactive when it comes to home maintenance, responding promptly to minor repairs and providing regular maintenance checks. A clean, well-maintained vacation rental will keep guest satisfaction and reviews high.

Provide Visitors with Helpful Instructions

Clear, detailed, and accurate instructions both before and after guests arrive will ensure their stay goes smoothly. In addition to needed information such as how to check in and who to contact if issues arise, providing other helpful instructions can help guests have a more enjoyable stay. A personalized area guide that gives tips on activities such as which nearby beaches are the best for swimming, where to go to catch the best waves, and which restaurants are your favorite can help guests have an authentic vacation experience.

Taking some of these steps will help your vacation rental stand out from the crowd. After all of your hard work, be sure the photos of your property reflect its best features!

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