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When it comes to stunning landscapes and access to on-the-water fun, no place on the Big Island of Hawaii does it quite like the Kohala Coast. A mere 20-minute drive from Ellison Onizuka Kona International Airport, this endlessly appealing destination is brimming over with natural beauty and options for exploration and discovery that are truly one-of-a-kind. The landscape along the Kohala coast is made up of everything from lush vegetation and rolling peaks to rugged lava fields and sugar-white shorelines as well. While those who visit the Kohala Coast often do so with every intention of spending ample time shopping, dining, beach-going, and spa-hopping their way through a stay, fishing is another top activity to expand on or discover for the first time while you’re in the area. It’s location on the northwest tip of the island puts anglers in a great position to enjoy everything from shore fishing to deep sea excursions no matter what time of year they arrive to make the most of the adventure. If you happen to be setting your sights on a fishing focused vacation to the Kohala Coast in the winter, knowing what fish species are most likely to bite and where to cast a line can help you set expectations and make the most of your experience.

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Winter Fishing Destinations

The weather along the Kohala Coast in the winter is refreshingly mild, meaning anglers have ample opportunity to explore all of the best area fishing spots with ease. Many anglers prefer to head to the area known as South Kohala which also enjoys the nickname “Gold Coast.” Hapuna Beach is a great water access point in this region and comes with the added benefit of being considered one of the most beautiful stretches of shoreline the island hosts. Those looking for less populated waters to explore may want to head over to the nearby Hilo Bayfront or the Kailua Kona seawall as well.

What You Might Catch This Time of Year

Both blue and striped marlin are abundant in the waters along the Kohala Coast during the winter season. The blue marlin is a particularly exciting catch for anglers as its considered one of the largest fish species on the planet with the potential to grow over 14 feet! That said, the blue marlin is extremely fast and extremely strong. It’s a migratory species that travels thousands of miles each year and generally tends to congregate in ocean depths of 500 feet or deeper. Sport fisherman looking to hook a blue marlin will want to cast out around the edges of sea mounts or water ledge drop offs. Because the Kohala Coast enjoys higher than average ocean temperatures year-round, winter remains a great time to reel one in despite the fact that high marlin fishing season tends to run June through September. Winter anglers will find this means the waters are more open for the enjoying during winter excursions.

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Those with their sights set on striped marlin will find that this variety can also reach impressive weights with some achieving more than 400 pounds. The striped marlin is easy to distinguish from its blue counterpart thanks to the blue and purple vertical stripes that run along its body. While blue marlin hang out in deeper waters, striped marlin are often found lurking just below the surface of the water. Keep an eye out for protruding tails that indicate a lucrative school is typically nearby. The most robust and successful striped marlin fishing excursions off the Kohala Coast tend to happen between January and March.

In addition to marlin, mahi mahi are also abundant in the winter waters around the Kohala Coast. Formally known as dorado, these fish are definitely considered a prize game fish to catch! You’ll have to be on your game to capture one, though, as mahi mahi are known for their incredible speed. They tend to travel in schools looking for baitfish, so if you come across one, you’re likely to come across many. Weighing up to 60 pounds, mahi mahi are easy to spot thanks to their bright colors which range from vivid blues and greens to yellows. Anglers will want to look for schools of mahi mahi around any type of floating debris offshore and chances to catch this species increases greatly between the winter months of December through April.

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