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When an island-bound getaway is exactly what your family is looking forward to, there’s no better summer destination to choose than Kamuela, Hawaii. As beautiful as it is inviting, families will find that this locale is a great place to enjoy activities and attractions that speak to a variety of interests, preferences, and styles. Whether you’re looking for time on the sand or can’t wait to hit the hilly trails, there’s something wonderful waiting for you to enjoy. The following are just a few of the many family-friendly summer activities you’ll want to add to the itinerary when your plans have you heading this way.

Kick Off the Summer with a Lei-Making Class

Whether your family-focused trip to Kamuela this year is one that includes the company of little ones or teenagers, booking a lei-making class through Mōhalu Hawaiʻi promises to please! These gorgeous garlands have long been a symbol of the islands and today, giving or receiving a lei is still an integral part of Hawaiian culture. Booking a private lei-making class for the family through this local provider is an ideal opportunity to not only craft something significant during your summer visit, but to learn about the history and art of lei-making from locals too! There are a variety of styles of leis to choose from and even the foliage used to craft these garlands is interesting to learn more about. The materials you’ll need are provided in the cost of the private class and the floral garland itself makes for a fun and meaningful souvenir to take with you when you go!

Take Time to Visit the Parker Ranch

The lush and rolling hills of Kamuela provide a pristine landscape for ranches to thrive. One of the largest and most iconic in the area is Parker Ranch. Summer visitors who are looking to learn more about the history of ranching in Hawaii will find that a stop here is sure to be a highlight activity for the entire family! A visit this way also provides the opportunity to book horseback riding lessons and trail rides too. There’s no need to have experience upon arrival as the team here is more than happy to help everyone get comfortable with the riding process before jumping in the saddle and enjoying a day on the trails. It’s a refreshing and one-of-a-kind way to enjoy the view that’s sure to inspire everyone in your traveling crew!

Make Time to Unwind on the Sand

A trip this way with the family definitely deserves to include some time set aside for fun on the shoreline! Luckily, those that head this way will find there’s no shortage of options to choose from. There are a variety of beaches within reach that are ideal for families that love to soak up the sun and those that can’t wait to get out on the water alike. Hapuna Beach, Mauna Kea Beach, and Wailea Beach are all great options to add to the itinerary when you’re hoping to make stops at some of the most scenic beaches around this summer. Great sunbathing and sandcastle-building opportunities also await just a 20-minute drive from Kamuela along the Kohala Coast. For families hoping to pair their beach day with a picnic or hiking experience, choosing places to enjoy like Lapakahi State Historical Park or Kapa’a Beach Park is always a good idea.

Check Out a Farmers Market or Two

This area of the island is known and loved for its many farmer’s markets which can be particularly appealing when you’re traveling with your family, and everyone has a different idea of what they’d like to explore! These farmer’s markets are typically versatile, offering up selections that range from handcrafted goods to delicious home-grown fare! A few of the larger markets to check out include the Waimea Homestead Farmers Market, the Waimea Mid-Week Market at Pukalani Stables, and the Waimea Town Market too. Consider bringing a bag of your own and filling up on fresh fare that works well for an afternoon picnic with those you love most! Your tastebuds are sure to thank you.

Hit the Hiking Trails

For summertime traveling families heading to Kamuela with a passion for lacing up their boots and hitting the trails intact, this destination has much to offer in the way of fun! The landscape here is lush with captivating valleys and hills, making it a great place to challenge your skills on the many routes that wind through the terrain. While there are a variety of trails to choose from that can be customized to skill level and preference, some of the most exciting and scenic are found within Pololu Valley as well as Waipi’o Valley.

Book Your Adventure Today

There’s never been a better time to book your trip to Hawaii and when you’re looking for luxurious accommodations to match, Venture Hawaii has you covered. Reach out today to learn more about our incredible collection of Kamuela vacation rentals that not only keeps you close to the fun but provides luxurious living standards at all times. We look forward to seeing you on the island soon!

The Big Island of Hawaii has long been loved as an amazing vacation destination for travelers of all types from near and far. When you’re looking for a place to relax in sunny, tropical style, it checks every box on the list. However, the beautiful scenery, amazing attractions and lineup of versatile activities also make it an ideal place for couples looking to enjoy a romantic adventure together. Whether you can’t wait to spend your time on the sand, love to get out on the waves as a duo, or prefer to dine your way through a stay, the Big Island has it all and more. The following are just a few of the many romantic activities for couples to enjoy who set their travel sights on this inviting destination.

Book a Couple’s Massage

A little pampering goes a long way when it comes to creating an amazing romantic itinerary for your time on the Big Island. When you’re looking to enjoy a refreshing and revitalizing moment alongside the one you love most, make sure to make time for a couple’s massage while you’re here. Booking an oceanside spa treatment can elevate the romantic experience even further by pairing relaxation with impeccable island views. Fortunately for couples headed this way, the Big Island has a multitude of spas to pick and choose from that offer up a variety of services as well as custom destinations to receive treatment. When luxury is a priority, book your couple’s massage at Fairmont Orchid’s Spa Without Walls. This open-air massage experience gives couples the added luxury of listening to the sounds of waves crashing along the shoreline while receiving a traditional Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage and added exfoliation treatment upon request. These sessions can be booked to include Champagne as well!

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Enjoy a Romantic Meal with Culture Included

If you’re the couple that connects over mouthwatering meals, then booking a Hawaiian Luau is a great choice for your romantic getaway. This traditional event gives couples the chance to experience Hawaiian culture while pairing that learning curve with dance, music, amazing food, and fun! A luau is hosted to pick up as the sun goes down, adding a romantic aesthetic to the ambiance as well. From fire dancers and hula performers to the telling of Hawaiian tales, it’s a dining experience that promises to delight. Some of the more iconic luau experiences to consider on The Big Island include Voyagers of the Pacific Luau, Island Breeze Luau, Sunset Luau and Mauna Kea Luau just to name a few.

Make it a Picnic for Two

While a luau is always a lovely and flavorful experience, couples that prefer to dine in privacy will want to consider planning a picnic for two at Liliuokalani Park and Gardens during their time on the Big Island. This lush and breathtaking space is designed in the style of a traditional Japanese garden that hosts stunning ocean views, right in the heart of Hawaii. From the stone lanterns and arched bridges to the koi ponds and teahouse, visitors will find that planning a picnic at this stop is the ultimate in tranquil and romantic moments. While you savor your hand-picked fare from a blanket on the grass, couples can make the most of panoramic views of Hilo Bay. It’s free to enter the garden and the memories you make here promise to be priceless.

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Book a Private Helicopter Tour

For some couples, nothing is more romantic than taking their getaway to new heights. If this sounds like you and your loved one, booking a private helicopter tour during your Big Island adventure is a must. Taking in the fantastic scenery from the sky promises to be unforgettable for those looking to pair adventure with memorable vistas. Tours can be booked to last anywhere from an hour to 2-hours at a time and feature vantage points over volcanos, valleys, sea cliffs and more. Couples can even book a tour at sunset when even more romance in the mix is the goal. Big Island Helicopter Tours is a great place to start when you’re ready to book your couple’s adventure.

Rent a Charming Island Stay for Two

Exploring the Big Island together is always romantic, but when you’re looking for quality time with luxury included, booking a charming vacation rental for two through Venture Hawaii is essential. Our portfolio of romantic homes away from home feature the very best of views, space, furnishings, upgrades, and amenities that make for an unforgettable time enjoyed together. Whether you’re looking for a rental with extra-large bedrooms, towering ceilings, beautiful lanais, or private pools and hot tubs, we have what you’ve been searching for.

Book Your Getaway Today

From the Big Island’s secluded beaches and breathtaking coves to the panoramic views available from places like the scenic Pololu Valley Lookout, there’s no better place to be when you’re ready to enjoy a romantic getaway. Reach out to Venture Hawaii today when you’re ready to turn your travel dreams into a reality and are looking for a luxurious Hawaii vacation rental to meet your romantic moment flawlessly.

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When it comes to stunning landscapes and access to on-the-water fun, no place on the Big Island of Hawaii does it quite like the Kohala Coast. A mere 20-minute drive from Ellison Onizuka Kona International Airport, this endlessly appealing destination is brimming over with natural beauty and options for exploration and discovery that are truly one-of-a-kind. The landscape along the Kohala coast is made up of everything from lush vegetation and rolling peaks to rugged lava fields and sugar-white shorelines as well. While those who visit the Kohala Coast often do so with every intention of spending ample time shopping, dining, beach-going, and spa-hopping their way through a stay, fishing is another top activity to expand on or discover for the first time while you’re in the area. It’s location on the northwest tip of the island puts anglers in a great position to enjoy everything from shore fishing to deep sea excursions no matter what time of year they arrive to make the most of the adventure. If you happen to be setting your sights on a fishing focused vacation to the Kohala Coast in the winter, knowing what fish species are most likely to bite and where to cast a line can help you set expectations and make the most of your experience.

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Winter Fishing Destinations

The weather along the Kohala Coast in the winter is refreshingly mild, meaning anglers have ample opportunity to explore all of the best area fishing spots with ease. Many anglers prefer to head to the area known as South Kohala which also enjoys the nickname “Gold Coast.” Hapuna Beach is a great water access point in this region and comes with the added benefit of being considered one of the most beautiful stretches of shoreline the island hosts. Those looking for less populated waters to explore may want to head over to the nearby Hilo Bayfront or the Kailua Kona seawall as well.

What You Might Catch This Time of Year

Both blue and striped marlin are abundant in the waters along the Kohala Coast during the winter season. The blue marlin is a particularly exciting catch for anglers as its considered one of the largest fish species on the planet with the potential to grow over 14 feet! That said, the blue marlin is extremely fast and extremely strong. It’s a migratory species that travels thousands of miles each year and generally tends to congregate in ocean depths of 500 feet or deeper. Sport fisherman looking to hook a blue marlin will want to cast out around the edges of sea mounts or water ledge drop offs. Because the Kohala Coast enjoys higher than average ocean temperatures year-round, winter remains a great time to reel one in despite the fact that high marlin fishing season tends to run June through September. Winter anglers will find this means the waters are more open for the enjoying during winter excursions.

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Those with their sights set on striped marlin will find that this variety can also reach impressive weights with some achieving more than 400 pounds. The striped marlin is easy to distinguish from its blue counterpart thanks to the blue and purple vertical stripes that run along its body. While blue marlin hang out in deeper waters, striped marlin are often found lurking just below the surface of the water. Keep an eye out for protruding tails that indicate a lucrative school is typically nearby. The most robust and successful striped marlin fishing excursions off the Kohala Coast tend to happen between January and March.

In addition to marlin, mahi mahi are also abundant in the winter waters around the Kohala Coast. Formally known as dorado, these fish are definitely considered a prize game fish to catch! You’ll have to be on your game to capture one, though, as mahi mahi are known for their incredible speed. They tend to travel in schools looking for baitfish, so if you come across one, you’re likely to come across many. Weighing up to 60 pounds, mahi mahi are easy to spot thanks to their bright colors which range from vivid blues and greens to yellows. Anglers will want to look for schools of mahi mahi around any type of floating debris offshore and chances to catch this species increases greatly between the winter months of December through April.

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The idea of a Hawaiian getaway is endlessly appealing. Turning that vision into a reality is inspiring! When you have time to spare in the name of a great getaway and Hawaii is on the top of your must-visit list, putting your focus on the Big Island never disappoints. This exciting and scenic destination offers up much in the way of adventures to be had on land, but there are just as many to be enjoyed on the blue waves that lap the shoreline. When the sea is calling your name, the following are a few on-the-water activities in Hawaii you just won’t want to miss while you’re here.

Paradise Sailing Hawaii

There’s nothing more exciting than setting your travel sights on the Big Island of Hawaii and no more romantic way to see the sights once you’re there than with the professionals at Paradise Sailing Hawaii. This premier boat tour agency out of Kailua is open daily from 7:00 am until 7:00 pm and provides guests with options to book incredible catamaran sailing tours that show you some mesmerizing landscapes from a watery vantage point. Small numbers of passengers make for a more intimate experience while quality vessels keep the voyage comfortable at all times. Book a four-hour day cruise or a sunset cruise when you’re looking to pair your experience with some stunning colors too. Booking with this family-owned company is a great way to make the most of your on-the-water fun while supporting the destination you’ve come to enjoy as well!

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Hawaii Whale Watching Tours

Taking time to unwind on the Big Island is always a delight, but if you’re looking to be truly inspired, make sure to make time for whale watching while you’re here. This promises to be one of the most memorable on-the-water experiences you can have with good reason. The deep coastal trenches that surround the Big Island make the waters a perfect natural habitat for over 18 different marine mammals to pass through annually, including humpback whales. Melon-headed whales, sperm whales, and orcas also make their way through these waters, providing a one-of-a-kind opportunity that isn’t observed around any of the other islands in this quantity.

Booking a whale watching tour with a company like Ali‘i Ocean Tours or Captain Zodiac is a good place to start. These tours take you to those off-shore destinations where whales congregate and offer up spectacular views—particularly when whales are prone to breaching. If you’re more in the mood to do some independent whale watching, that works too. Great places to catch sights of these magnificent marine creatures from the shoreline include Kapa’a Beach Park and Lapakahi State Historical Park too.

Diving with Manta Rays

The Kona Manta Ray is the second largest of its species and calls the waters surrounding the Big Island home. For diving enthusiasts, this offers up a unique opportunity that’s not to be missed when you’re visiting. Night diving with manta rays is truly thrilling and gives divers a feeling of being transported to a nearly other-worldly destination. Do note that you’ll need to be certified to participate in guided dives. Not to worry, getting that certification is worth the effort. Night dives put you up close to these amazingly graceful creatures in their natural habitats. There’s nothing like seeing a gentle giant swim by boasting a wingspan of up to 18 feet! Manta Ray Dives of Hawaii offers a night dive experience that provides guests with a two-location dive to enjoy. This is an activity that many consider bucket-list worthy and usually a highlight of a visit.

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Hawaii Ocean Sports

If your idea of on-the-water fun happens more above the waves, there’s no shortage of options for customizing your adventures on the Big Island. While Hawaii Ocean Sports offers all kinds of personalized cruises to enjoy, they also provide guests with access to a vast number of watersport rentals that are sure to please! Spend a day paddleboarding your way along the coastline, kayaking through an afternoon, or putting your skills to the test on a hydro bike which is truly a unique experience for everyone. Ocean Sports rents out boogie boards, snorkel gear, noodles, and floats as well. Safety is always a priority so all you have to do is ask to rent life vests that will keep your time on the water exciting and secure for everyone involved.

Book Your Hawaiian Getaway Today

No matter when you arrive in Hawaii, the passionate property professionals at Venture Hawaii Rentals are ready and waiting to make sure you’re booked into accommodations that allow you to make the most of your experience. This sunny and beautiful destination offers up much in the way of inspiration. At Venture Hawaii Rentals, we have the properties to match! Reach out today to learn more about our many options and to begin planning your next island escape!

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