The idea of a Hawaiian getaway is endlessly appealing. Turning that vision into a reality is inspiring! When you have time to spare in the name of a great getaway and Hawaii is on the top of your must-visit list, putting your focus on the Big Island never disappoints. This exciting and scenic destination offers up much in the way of adventures to be had on land, but there are just as many to be enjoyed on the blue waves that lap the shoreline. When the sea is calling your name, the following are a few on-the-water activities in Hawaii you just won’t want to miss while you’re here.

Paradise Sailing Hawaii

There’s nothing more exciting than setting your travel sights on the Big Island of Hawaii and no more romantic way to see the sights once you’re there than with the professionals at Paradise Sailing Hawaii. This premier boat tour agency out of Kailua is open daily from 7:00 am until 7:00 pm and provides guests with options to book incredible catamaran sailing tours that show you some mesmerizing landscapes from a watery vantage point. Small numbers of passengers make for a more intimate experience while quality vessels keep the voyage comfortable at all times. Book a four-hour day cruise or a sunset cruise when you’re looking to pair your experience with some stunning colors too. Booking with this family-owned company is a great way to make the most of your on-the-water fun while supporting the destination you’ve come to enjoy as well!

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Hawaii Whale Watching Tours

Taking time to unwind on the Big Island is always a delight, but if you’re looking to be truly inspired, make sure to make time for whale watching while you’re here. This promises to be one of the most memorable on-the-water experiences you can have with good reason. The deep coastal trenches that surround the Big Island make the waters a perfect natural habitat for over 18 different marine mammals to pass through annually, including humpback whales. Melon-headed whales, sperm whales, and orcas also make their way through these waters, providing a one-of-a-kind opportunity that isn’t observed around any of the other islands in this quantity.

Booking a whale watching tour with a company like Ali‘i Ocean Tours or Captain Zodiac is a good place to start. These tours take you to those off-shore destinations where whales congregate and offer up spectacular views—particularly when whales are prone to breaching. If you’re more in the mood to do some independent whale watching, that works too. Great places to catch sights of these magnificent marine creatures from the shoreline include Kapa’a Beach Park and Lapakahi State Historical Park too.

Diving with Manta Rays

The Kona Manta Ray is the second largest of its species and calls the waters surrounding the Big Island home. For diving enthusiasts, this offers up a unique opportunity that’s not to be missed when you’re visiting. Night diving with manta rays is truly thrilling and gives divers a feeling of being transported to a nearly other-worldly destination. Do note that you’ll need to be certified to participate in guided dives. Not to worry, getting that certification is worth the effort. Night dives put you up close to these amazingly graceful creatures in their natural habitats. There’s nothing like seeing a gentle giant swim by boasting a wingspan of up to 18 feet! Manta Ray Dives of Hawaii offers a night dive experience that provides guests with a two-location dive to enjoy. This is an activity that many consider bucket-list worthy and usually a highlight of a visit.

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Hawaii Ocean Sports

If your idea of on-the-water fun happens more above the waves, there’s no shortage of options for customizing your adventures on the Big Island. While Hawaii Ocean Sports offers all kinds of personalized cruises to enjoy, they also provide guests with access to a vast number of watersport rentals that are sure to please! Spend a day paddleboarding your way along the coastline, kayaking through an afternoon, or putting your skills to the test on a hydro bike which is truly a unique experience for everyone. Ocean Sports rents out boogie boards, snorkel gear, noodles, and floats as well. Safety is always a priority so all you have to do is ask to rent life vests that will keep your time on the water exciting and secure for everyone involved.

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