Heading to the Big Island of Hawaii for a winter getaway promises to be an inspiring experience, especially if you have your travel sights set on the Kohala Coast! This beautiful and endlessly appealing destination is loved for its lush terrain, amazing shorelines, and access to fun in abundance. The Kohala Coast is found on the northwest tip of the Big Island and is often considered one of the most diverse areas visitors come to explore and enjoy. The Kohala Coast is home to the Kohala Mountains which are covered in tantalizing tropical foliage creating an almost other-worldly effect on camera. Because the landscape has so much to offer, the Kohala Coast that once hosted a multitude of plantations is today home to a variety of island ranches.

For those who can’t wait to leave the cold and snow far behind, the Kohala Coast offers up a striking contrast. In fact, most of the time, the winter months host temperatures that average somewhere in the lower 80s with sunshine dominating the sky most days during this season. While there’s some rain to be expected during a Kohala Coast winter adventure, it’s minimal at most and often sporadic throughout the day. Packing a waterproof jacket to carry with you should suffice when you don’t want those raindrops to get in the way of your plans. With the weather generally on your side and the crowds far fewer this time of year, your Kohala Coast winter adventure is ideal for adding a variety of sightseeing adventures to an itinerary. The following are just a few you’ll want to consider when you’re ready to get down to planning.

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Book a Hawaii Nautical Whale Watching Cruise

A winter enjoyed on the Kohala Coast puts visitors right in the exciting heart of whale season. Every year, winter brings a variety of whale species through the surrounding waters as they follow set migration paths. This makes it the perfect season for booking a tour with Hawaii Nautical Whale Watching Cruises. Tickets per person begin around $85 but the experience promises to be priceless. Over the course of an hour and a half, guests will sail out over the beautiful blue waters off the Kohala Coast while keeping their eyes peeled for pods of humpback whales! The onboard crew and captain swiftly navigate the area’s many marine sanctuaries, pointing out other areas of interest along the way as well. This time of year, whale spotting is guaranteed, making it a highlight activity to enjoy.

Explore the Area’s Gold Coast

If you’re a traveler who is making their way to the Kohala Coast to indulge in as much time as possible settled on sandy shorelines, you’re in luck. The Kohala Coast is home to an area known as South Kohala which many lovingly refer to as the Gold Coast. Packed with the remains of ancient lava flows, this area also hosts Hapuna Beach—one many would consider to be one of the most beautiful on the entire island! To that end, if you’re excited for time on the sand watching the waves roll in, this is the place to do so. Pack your beach chair and have your camera handy as this stop promises spectacular scenery every step of the way.

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Hike the Pololu Valley Awini Trail

Hiking is a popular activity across The Big Island. However, those who head towards the Kohala Coast in the winter won’t want to miss out on the chance to explore the Pololu Valley Awini Trail while they’re in the area. You’ll want to set aside about an hour and a half to hike this route which leads directly to the black sands that define the Pololu Valley Beach! The trailhead is easily accessible and large directional signs will help you stay on track along the way. There are even small picnic areas to enjoy if you’d prefer to break up the route into pieces that come with savory stops too. Most hikers choose to set out in the morning so there’s plenty of time to enjoy the beach at the end of the trail. Either way, you’re in for a treat when you put this route on your winter itinerary.

Maximize the View

After you’ve enjoyed time on the Pololu Valley Awini Trail, taking time to enjoy the Pololu Valley Overlook is advised. This stop is accessible past the 28-mile marker on Highway 270. Pull over and you’ll find yourself savoring a breathtaking view of the entire valley from above. From the crashing blue waves against the sea cliffs to the lush valley vegetations that cover the earth, it’s truly a winter sight to behold.

Enjoy Your Island Adventure

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