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Kona Investment Real Estate

The Big Island of Hawai’i has long been a romantic lure for travelers. In a land of contrast, the Big Island’s black sand beaches, active volcanoes, and lush mountainous interior provide an extreme nature’s playground, while at the same time also offering those picture-perfect white-sand beaches that postcards are made of. The lure of Hawai’i will always be strong, with its beauty consistently drawing in travelers who long to come back year after year. And in the current world where international travel is much more difficult to come by, the tropical isles of Hawaii offer an especially exotic escape from the everyday. Those looking for an investment property to turn into a vacation rental need look no further than the shores of Hawai’i, where the industry is booming and there’s a consistent return on investment. The Big Island’s leeward (west shore) town of Kona offers a beautiful coastal location, access to stunning beaches, and proximity to the famed upland slopes where local coffee is grown and harvested. Our skilled Kona real estate investment team is here to assist in finding the ideal investment property for you to turn into a vacation rental on the Kona Coast!

About Us at Venture Hawaii

As part of the Sotheby’s International Realty brand, our legacy and strong reputation precede us. With an established global presence, you are partnering with a trusted brand when you employ our serves at Venture Hawaii. Our experienced team uses innovative technology, forward-thinking leadership, and a strong marketing platform to bring our clients the results they desire. Not only do we offer experience and presence on a larger scale, but the personalized service and agent expertise we offer on a local scale are unmatched. With an office situated on Alii Drive right in the heart of Kona, our agents are on the ground in Kona with an intimate knowledge of the local housing and vacation rental market. The personalized service our clients receive is unparalleled, showing the true spirit of aloha.

Finding, selecting, and purchasing a Kona investment property is a big step, and our agents understand this is something that takes time and consideration. Our friendly agents will be with you every step of the way, whether you’re located on the island and are here to search firsthand or you’re searching for that perfect property from afar. Our agents have an intimate knowledge of both the Kailua Kona real estate market and the vacation rental market, giving a keen eye into the details that will make a property appealing to vacationers. Our agents can walk you through each potential property, identifying potential pitfalls and highlighting features that will make the property attractive as a vacation rental. As professionals who live and work in Kona, our feet are on the ground daily in this area, giving us the inside knowledge that isn’t attainable from afar.

Our Kona Real Estate Services at Venture Hawaii

At Venture Hawaii, we offer a full range of real estate services, from helping our clients buy, sell, and manage their properties. With experience across the board in all these areas, you’ll find our agents to be well-versed in all aspects of real estate and property management. When purchasing an investment property with the purpose of using it as a vacation rental, we know that a strong return on investment is a top priority. Our team regularly analyzes market reports and local market trends in both home value and vacation rental income, providing potential buyers with an accurate estimate on the potential return in investment for each property.

Our Kailua Kona real estate services don’t end once you’ve secured your desired property. At Venture Hawaii, we also offer vacation property management services, so you’ll continue to receive support in turning your new investment property into the vacation rental you’ve been envisioning. From quaint beach condos to lavish island estates, our team is well-versed in managing Kona vacation rentals and ensuring a high level of satisfaction for both the homeowner and the guests. With experienced staff on the ground in Kona to handle all the details, your investment property is in highly capable hands with Venture Hawaii.

Managing a Kona vacation rental means overseeing the details large and small, from preparing the property in its initial stages, marketing, securing bookings, providing customer service, and managing housekeeping and maintenance services, among others. With so many tasks to which to attend, many property owners prefer to leave the details to the expertise of a property management company, which is where our experienced team comes in. From the start of looking for the perfect investment property to the point of turning that property into a vacation rental and managing its daily flow and revenue, our Kona Real Estate team is ready to partner with you!

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