Travelers who can’t wait to ditch the daily routine and leave work far behind in pursuit of an island escape routinely find Hawaii to be the perfect getaway destination to do exactly that. The Big Island, in particular, is an endlessly appealing vacation locale where visitors can kick back on sugar-white sands and forget their worries as they watch the blue waves roll in. From the fantastic island cuisine and fun shopping stops to the cultural landmarks, activities, and attractions to enjoy, the Big Island has a little something to engage everyone’s mind and imagination during a stay. While the list of things to enjoy here is vast and varied, surfing tends to top many travelers lists with good reason. Not only is the water wonderful for taking to it on a surfboard, but many attribute the very origin of surfing itself to Hawaii. Whether you’re looking to fine-tune your surf skills, or you can’t wait to get out on the water and try for the first time, the Big Island is a great place to put passion to practice. It has much to offer in the way of waves and fun so consider this your step one surf guide when you’re getting ready to Hang 10!

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Amazing Surf Destinations on The Big Island

In Hawaii, surfing started out as a royal sport that was exclusively practiced by monarchs. Today, a lot has changed, and surfing has become a community sport open to just about everyone who wants to try! While surf pros often head to Maui or the North Shore on Oahu, to deal with the biggest and most ferocious waves out there, the Big Island offers up a gentler approach to time on the water, making it ideal for those looking to enjoy surfing leisurely or while learning. So where do you begin your surf adventure? Fortunately, there are plenty of options when it comes to picking a place to put your board in the water.

Banyans in Kona sits just a few miles from downtown and is known as a great surf spot amongst locals and visitors alike. While you’ll definitely want to be more experienced before taking to the waters here, it’s also a fun place to come and watch the talented put their skills to the test just offshore. If you’re just starting out with surfing or are looking to pair your surfing adventures with time snorkeling too, Kahalu’u in Kona is the perfect place to do just that. Kahalu’u is a tranquil bay where surf classes for beginners abound, and snorkeling conditions are often ideal. It makes for a welcoming and comfortable place to test out your skills without having to worry. Those that prefer to be around crowds who are enthusiastic about surfing will want to head over to Pine Trees north of Kona instead. This vibrant area enjoys an exposed reef break which means consistent surfing year-round. Finally, head to Honoli’i in Hilo when you want to surf with locals. Situated at the mouth of a river, this area does have a collection of sharp rocks so it’s better to be advanced on a surfboard before taking to the waves.

No matter which destination you choose to enjoying surfing on the Big Island, it’s important to remember to check the forecast and conditions. These change daily and have a direct impact on how safe the waters are to tackle. Each destination has its own forecast in place which can easily be checked online before you head out to the shoreline.

Local Surf Classes to Check Out

Whether you need a refresher or are ready for your first lesson, participating in a surf class is always a good idea when visiting the Big Island in the name of on-the-water fun. The vast majority of surf schools are located in and around Kona as this area also hosts some of the prime surf spots. Both Surfer Bear Hawaii and Kahalu’u Bay Surf and Sea are wonderful options whether you’re looking for a private lesson or prefer group instruction. These companies operate out of Kahulu’u Beach Park, no more than 5 miles from Kona Pier. When you book a class and hope to follow up with practice, there’s no need to worry about having your own gear in place. Both companies also offer comprehensive board rentals as well to make the experience that much more convenient.

Be Aware of Surfing Safety Basics

No matter what skill levels you possess on a surfboard, being aware of surf safety basics is key to making the most of a fun and safe surf adventure. The ocean can be volatile, so keeping an eye on daily conditions is a must. Always be aware of underwater sea life and how your surfing can create an interaction whether intentional or unintentional. Finally, be sure to understand currents before you head out on the water. It’s important to never go surfing alone!

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